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Again, if they say we’re better together, why are we not already?

This is Scotland in 2014. Don’t let this still be Scotland in the future.

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Westminster: “If you vote no, we’ll give you more powers!”

Scotland: “Like?”

Westminster: “Well… we can’t tell you exactly what yet.”

Scotland: “Huh. But if we vote yes, we can have all of the powers.”

Westminster: *sweats*

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 Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth in Iceland on December 27th to celebrate the new year.

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if white people hate kanye west for being “self-obsessed” and “arrogant” why dont they hate robert downey jr too

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why isn’t every movie the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet

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this is the most important thing ill ever post and im like 100% sure its no where else on tumblr. (it’s the ending song from the nightman cometh)

#if i don’t get proposed to via this song i’m not saying yes

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my dog is a rude asshole and I’m gonna fight her