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Meet The Woman Who Made History by Becoming Marvel’s First Credited Female Screenwriter | BuzzFeed 

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finally got my first tattoo

it’s an old Italian quote by a very wise man and it means a lot to me 

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BASEketball - 1998

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tumblr is such an embarrassing website to be a part of

You mean AMAZING


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FMK lord farquaad shrek donkey

according to the movies both farquaad and shrek are terrible husbands, one is a tyranical dictator and the other one might fuck up the entirety of time if he gets bored, donkey is clearly the best husband of the three and u kno shrek a freak in the swamp so you kick farquaad’s tiny ass to the curb why is this even a question

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iasip meme: [5/5] characters:
↳ charlie kelly.

" Oh I’m sorry, I can put the trash into a landfill where it’s gonna stay for millions of years. Or, I can burn it up and get a nice smokey smell in here and let that smoke go into the sky where it turns into stars."

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"ahh yes a 2007 Pinot from…Napa Valley I believe? A very good year"

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im white trash and im in trouble